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At AccidentCompensationScot, we know that road traffic accidents are one of the most popular types of claims in the Glasgow area, and dealing with this type of accident can be difficult. Our team of solicitors can help you make your claim, and get the compensation that you deserve.

We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that we fully understand their case and their claim. Although we deal with the legal aspects after an accident, there are several steps that you can take immediately after a road traffic accident that will help our solicitors deal with your claim:

Take details

Provided that the accident was not severe, taking the details of the third party immediately after the incident is extremely important. Our solicitors can begin to process your claim quickly if they have access to information regarding the accident.

Notify the police

 If there is any dispute over the cause of the accident, then notifying the police is highly advised. And whether or not there is any further action needed against the third party involved.

 Seek medical attention

 Medical attention may be required several days after the road traffic accident, as injuries such as whiplash can take several days to manifest.

Keep a record of all costs

Information of costs incurred will be needed when processing your claim, so be sure to keep any relevant receipts that you receive.

At AccidentCompensationScot, we know that dealing with road traffic accident claims can be overwhelming. This is exactly why our team of experienced solicitors pride themselves on providing a complete service for all of our clients across Glasgow.

If you would like to make an enquiry about a road traffic accident claim, get in touch with us here.

Our team of solicitors are extremely experienced and have helped thousands of victims across Glasgow and Scotland to recover from road traffic accidents that they have suffered. We’ve outlined a few reasons below why we believe our team of solicitors is the best choice in Glasgow –


In an ideal world, every great solicitor would also be successful. But the truth is that many highly skilled and experienced solicitors have very little success, for many different reasons. Our team based in Glasgow not only have extensive knowledge of how to deal with a variety of accidents, but they also treat every client personably and attentively. This careful approach to their work helps them to learn as many details about the accident as possible, helping them to be successful in their claims.


Dealing with road traffic accidents can be an overwhelming prospect for many solicitors, as there are a huge amount of variables to consider. Accidents can vary greatly in severity and complication, and every incident that our team deal with across Glasgow can be wildly different from the other. Our solicitors have seen a wide variety of accidents occur, yet they are never phased by the enormity or apparent mundanity of any that they are dealing with. The trick to being a great law professional is through providing the same complete, attentive service to every client that you deal with, regardless of costs involved or injuries sustained.


Dealing with people who have suffered road accidents can be a tricky scenario for a solicitor to deal with. In many ways, it can be hard to find the balance between dealing with their claim in an effective manner, and dealing with them personally in an effective manner. Many law professionals simply see pound signs and injuries when they are dealing with somebody who has suffered an accident, yet our team members pride themselves on providing a complete service to every claimant they deal with, in a personal and considerate manner.


If our team of solicitors genuinely feel that you have a chance of winning your claim for compensation after an accident on the road, they will do everything they can to win your case, and they will be consistently reliable. Our team will even pick you up and drop you off for court hearings and other excursions around Glasgow that will be necessary to win your case.

We’ve highlighted a few important reasons why we believe our team of solicitors is amongst the best in Scotland, and certainly in Glasgow. If you’ve recently been involved in a road traffic accident, get in touch with us today.